Yellow Rose For Healing

We grow this climbing yellow rose around two sides of our outdoor living area.

In 2001, I looked after a woman called Robyn. She had lung cancer. Robyn was very perceptive, intuitive and had an enormous capacity to love.  She taught me a great deal about human love and Divine Love.

One day Robyn received yellow roses in a pot. She seemed super excited about this gift.  I wondered what was so special about this particular gift as she received many from all around the world.

She told me, “If you receive a gift of yellow roses when you are sick this is a heart gesture of healing from that person.  It is received by all the bodies – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, aurically, energetically and etherically.”

Robyn also took this as a sign of her recovery.  I didn’t understand the implications of the yellow rose, but it seemed like it was a good thing to receive.  And it made her very happy which is healing in and of itself.

I’ve never forgotten this story and so have planted this yellow rose outside my back door to remind me and to feel the healing vibration.

Gift A Yellow Rose

Is there someone you know who is struggling with their health?  If there is … why not gift them a yellow rose bush.

When you gift of a rose bush, rather than a bunch of flowers you are gifting many bouquets of flowers, rather than just one.  This rose bush could live for decades.  A loving reminder of your healing gesture made with love.

Did you know that in the giving … you are receiving, too?

Yes, you receive the gratitude of the person you are giving to … but you also receive internally.  There is great healing power in the act of giving. It is initiated in the heart centre and flows out to the extremities of your body through your blood stream.

If you are scientifically minded, there are endorphins released in the brain which  make you feel good, too.

Yellow Rose Meaning

In the Chinese culture, a yellow rose means victory.  This may have been the basis for Robyn’s delight at receiving this gift.  She took it as an indication that she would have victory over her cancer.

It is also a symbol of love and friendship.

When you see the colour yellow, it naturally brightens your day.  It makes you think of sunshine and joy inside and outside.  This is exactly what you want to give to someone who needs cheering up.

Give a living gift of a yellow rose to someone you care about.  It doesn’t need to be because they are ill … it will brighten their day, send healing vibrations through their entire being, rejuvenate there flagging spirit and they’ll love you dearly for your thoughtfulness and consideration.

The best sort of gift is the unexpected and for “no reason” one.

I’d love to hear how your spontaneous gift of love, friendship and healing impacted on your friend or loved one.

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