Locate Your Inner Strength

This is a piece of cotton picked up from a cotton field near Toowoomba recently. It was a perfect day in the country.

How Do You Locate Your Inner Strength?

Life can be a challenge at times … and you are called upon to locate your inner strength.  Sometimes, you don’t think you have anything left to locate.  But you do!

I’ve been there many times  … as you probably have, too.

Beautiful days and a healthy body … is this what you want from your life?

Are you like me?

You like to find the beauty and the joy in your day … but the reality is that sometimes you feel like crap… and this can be for a variety of reasons:

  • something you ate 🙁
  • something you caught 🙁 (like the flu)
  • something you did
  • something you didn’t do
  • something you said
  • something you didn’t say
  • something you did a long time ago, come back to haunt you

Or just because … you gave too much of yourself to others and didn’t save anything for you.

How I Locate My Inner Strength

Nowadays when I feel like crap and it does happen

… I’m not afraid to reschedule my clients

… I give myself permission to stay in bed

… I sit in the sun because I can

… I dig deep inside and inspect what is really going on and locate the higher learning

And … sometimes I just sit in my crappiness for a while … and feel the feelings for real.

What I do know is that everything is a contrast and all of my experiences make up this thing we call life and I am grateful for all of them ♥.

Inner Strength Tips

Give yourself a break

I mean this literally … go for a drive, a walk, a bath, a nap, a massage … take yourself our of your normal environment and leave everything behind.

Be in the moment … “it” is not going anywhere.  You, however, need a break.  When you get this, you are given the resources to keep going.  In essence, you are locating your inner strength.

Find The Higher Learning

You will really benefit from practicing this skill.

For example, if you eat a specific food that makes you feel like crap every time you eat it.

The first question is:  “Why would you do that?”

The truth would be that when you eat this particular food it’s been triggered by an emotion that you

(a) don’t want to acknowledge, or

(b) causes you to sabotage your well being for a variety of reasons … perhaps punishment, not deserving, not being authentic in your response to a situation and needing the excuse of being unwell to give you a reason to indirectly get what you want.  And that would be saying “NO” to a situation.

By practicing finding the higher learning … you will locate the root cause of your self-sabotage and then you won’t do that anymore.  And … if you do, you will quickly ask yourself.  “What’s really going on here?” and work with that emotion quickly.  Rather than falling into a downward spiral of mental and physical dis-ease and dis-comfort.

This is a huge topic … and I’ll share more musings on this.

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  1. Juha
    5 years ago

    Hi Julie!

    This is a huge and exciting topic. I’m glad you brought it up.

    It can sometimes take long time to realize the higher learning behind problematic things in life. At least this has been my experience.

    What I’m particularly interested in is how people can realize these higher learnings faster, and as a result grow spiritually.

    One thing that have worked for me is to look at my “symptoms” through symbolic eyes and look for the higher learning in them.

    When I do this my mind starts opening up to the possibility that there can be something unseen causing the symptom. With this line of thought, unwanted physical things are just indicators of underlying spiritual problems.

    Any thoughts on this? Are there other ways to find the higher learning behind physical problems?

    • 5 years ago

      Hey Juha … great to get your questions. My experience has been if you want to know the higher learning behind symptoms you simply ask and be open or sensitive to receiving the answer. Its not like a booming voice coming down from above – it could be a word on a billboard sign, or a sentence a friend says – or simply an awareness. The symbolism is a great way of doing this … the other way is to look at the pattern, rather than the incident or symptom. I’m not sure I would say we have spiritual problems – its not something I’ve ever considered. Keep a journal of your day, reflect on the higher learning from the highlights of your day … if you are persistent with this discipline … your self-understanding will certainly increase more quickly doing this. If you observe yourself as the witness … rather than subjectively and emotionally – you will understand yourself more, too. What I found when I began this journey in earnest – I was strategically being spiritually aware. Maybe this is part of the process … I don’t know. Strategy didn’t give me the results I was seeking. However, it may have built the neural pathways or created the inner road for me to travel with true spiritual intention.