Light Your Inner Flame

Light Your Inner Flame

Do you notice that many people rely on others to light their fire and keep it alight.

I can tell you bluntly this leads to disappointment, despair, addiction and a hell on Earth. If you want to feel balanced, in charge of your life and destiny, connected to the Universe, live life in the flow … you must light your own fire and keep it alight from within.

How do you do light your own flame?

That’s a really good question.  Passion for what you do is the first step.  And the thing that people and perhaps even you struggle with is the opinions and expectations of others.  Particularly, family and friends.

Instead of following your heart and your passion, you make life choices to please others.  Have you noticed how debilitating it is to please others first and squash down your wants and desires for how you want to live your life?

The next thing that happens is that your flame is reliant upon the positive feedback of loved ones, colleagues, bosses, partners.  And if you don’t get that feedback, your flame goes out and you feel like a failure.

Instead of feeling like a failure, use that energy to spur you onto prove them wrong.  Use this energy to brighten your flame of hope and passion to live your purpose.

Live Your Purpose

When you are living your purpose, you can’t wait to get up in the morning and take positive action.  No one has to make you do “something” … you are heart motivated to do it.

It is possible that you are feeling trapped.  I have been there.  I felt trapped in  a  life that wasn’t what I wanted.  But here’s the thing … it wasn’t until I realised that I was the only person who could change my circumstances.  And for me it wasn’t about leaving my marriage … I was shocked to discover that the only person I could change was me.  So I changed:

  • my attitude
  • the self-talk that goes around and around inside your head
  • how I felt about my life

The truth is I became grateful and appreciative of what I had, rather than focusing on what I didn’t have.  And when it boiled down to it … I was extremely blessed with a loving husband, two healthy children and a good life.  What was wrong with me!!!!

In a nutshell, I wasn’t practicing gratitude.

And that my friend, literally made me sick … I rotted the insides of my body.  So … I was doing ingratitude very well.

Be grateful

So .. find something grateful in your circumstance today and work your way towards living your purpose being grateful for everything you can on your journey.

You’ll find that you can light your own flame and keep it alight despite anything that life throws your way.

Today … I live a peaceful, happy, healthy life in the country.  I’ve done a lot of internal work to reach this place … And one of the things I’ve learned is that everyone can locate this place.  If you have any questions on how you can do this, please write them in the comments section below.  I answer all questions.


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