Discovering Celestial Consciousness

Celestial Consciousness

Yyyyaaayyyyy … thanks so much for coming and checking in.

My name is Julie Lewin and welcome !!!

Creating this Celestial Consciousness website is the fruition of a lifetime of:

  • self-learning
  • exploring other dimensions
  • discovering extraordinary adventures
  • and plain and simple having a lot of fun

It began 28 years ago with a psychic reading and has led me to this day.

Have you have been down a lot of rabbit holes before you discover the one that feels like home???

I have done that … over and over … so many times I couldn’t begin to count them.

But the amazing thing is … every time I went down a rabbit hole I learned something valuable for the next stage of my journey to now.

Living A Synchronistic Life in the Flow

There have been so many people and situations that have influenced the road I’ve traveled … and I’ll share stories about these people and situations as this website unfolds.

What I want to share now … is that I experience synchronicity every day and live in the flow most of the time.  You’ll hear me say that I feel like I have champagne zinging in my blood … that’s a good description for being in the flow.  Its a tangible experience … well it certainly is for me.

Recently one of my lovely friends sent me a video … she thought I would be interested in the contents.  Woowwweee … I LOVED IT!!!!  It has escalated me into creating this site, to write a book about my life and to really acknowledge everything that I have achieved.

In this new age that we are rapidly moving into in 2012, there are a lot of gifts that people are experiencing … I’d like to share the gifts I have experienced with you:

  1. Animal speaking – communicating with animals
  2. Enhanced empathy – being able to feel and experience the pain of others
  3. Inter-dimensional perception – being aware of and being able to see into other dimensions
  4. Clairsentience – being able to physically touch, smell and feel things from other dimensions
  5. Levitation – ability to raise oneself into the air (I haven’t consciously done this – but have fallen from the ceiling back into bed)
  6. Dream walking – ability to astrally enter another person’s dream while they sleep
  7. Premonitions – having visions of future events
  8. Astral projection – the astral body consciously leaves the physical body
  9. Telepathy – the ability to communicate with others through psychic means
  10. Precognitive dreaming – dreaming about future events
  11. Televiewing – ability to mentally see something that has happened in the past in any place, anywhere
  12. Heightened intuition – renders you able to sense things or situations psychically
  13. Force fields – the use of the aura, etheric body, or astral body as a literal shield around the body for physical protection
  14. Psychometry – ability to psychically read objects by touch
  15. Quick healing – the rate at which one heals will speed up significantly
  16. Mind reading – able to read the minds of / hear the thoughts of others
  17. Illusory telepathy – ability to create the illusion of being someplace else or seeing something not actually there by means of telepathic persuasion
  18. Aura seeing – being able to see the auras of living things
  19. Electrokinesis – ability to control electricity using one’s mind
  20. Plant speaking – ability to communicate with plants telepathically
  21. Time travelling – ability to move forward, backward, sideways in time
  22. Technokinesis – ability to have an affinity for electronic/electric devices and speak almost psychically with them
  23. Remote viewing – ability to literally see in your mind what is happening anywhere in the world at that moment
  24. Clairaudient – ability to hear from other dimensions
  25. Clairvoyance – ability to gain information through psychically seeing

My legacy in this life is to share all that I have learned in discovering these extraordinary gifts.

That’s all for now … stay tuned.

Julie Lewin

Celestial Consciousness Teacher

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  1. Nika
    6 years ago

    What an amazing post Julie. Reading through your list is like reading through a listing of a spiritual academy. You are such a powerful source of knowledge for the laws of spirit, nature and quantum physics.

    You’re like an illuminated rod of light, bringing happiness and joy to those you touch.

    I so look forward to learning more from you about celestial consciousness and sharing the journey together. Mwah…. 🙂

    • 6 years ago

      Thanks so much Nika … its so easy to share my knowledge with people like you. I look forward to exploring this journey of sharing my celestial consciousness wisdom with you xox Hugs 🙂